Law Enforcement Consultation

As law enforcement serves and protects the public from traditional forms of crime, law enforcement agencies worldwide must also constantly address emerging threats and challenges, using ever more sophisticated methods in the areas of intelligence, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and cyber counterintelligence. These law enforcement agencies must anticipate uncertainty while also embracing new technology and organizational thinking to meet the ever-changing nature of crime. Bray Armory's more than 50 years of experience partnering with federal law enforcement agencies gives us a deep understanding of the issues, organizational protocols, and challenges that surround today’s law enforcement decision makers. Bringing a combination of management consulting, technical expertise, and operational knowledge of law enforcement, we help agencies address their toughest problems.

We support the law enforcement mission and operations in a number of ways, including:

Criminal Street Crime — - we offer a robust resource of LEO experts who have had successful careers in law enforcement (from former Chief of Police to street level cops) to help combat traditional problems, such as narcotics, white collar crime, organized crime, and violent crime.

Counterterrorism - we partner with clients to help address information sharing challenges and emerging threats, such as improvised explosive devices, weapons of mass destruction, and radicalization. We also build and deploy IT systems and technologies, including biometrics, computer forensics and UAV drone deployment.

Intelligence/Counterintelligence - our technological and analytical capabilities help drive the intelligence process from collection of requirements to actionable intelligence for timely decision-making. Our crime analysts working across the Intelligence Community assist in research, analyses, case investigation, and operational activities. Bray Armory offers sophisticated cyber technical skills to help clients develop IT systems and deploy engineering methods, specialized investigative techniques, and encryption technologies crucial to cyber investigations.

Our Capabilities
Bray Armory has a proven set of capabilities and service areas to help law enforcement officials. We work side by side with clients as they tackle current and future challenges and develop and implement solutions that make our citizens safer and more secure.

Private Security Services:

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