Hire Off Duty Police Officers in Dallas, Texas

Hire Off Duty Police Officers for your security needs. We have off duty police officers available on short notice, for long term placement, for all your security needs!

Why Hire an Off Duty Police Officer?

- Public & Private Events
- Corporate, Retail & Banks
- Road Construction & Traffic
- Personal Protection
- Construction Sites
- Building Security
- Homeowner Associations
- Secure Ingress & Egress to a Location
- Movie Sets & Celebrities

Why Do We Provide Active-Duty Police Officers Exclusively?

We believe in maintaining High Standards and Client Value

When the potential of a threat is looming, having an off duty police officer nearby will often deter the threat. If a crime were to occur, you already have law enforcement specialists on the scene, armed and ready to take immediate action to protect your life and property.

That's why Bray Armory exclusively schedules full-time off duty police officers for various types of private security. Ranging from event security, to traffic control and building security, to general bodyguard services. When hiring off duty police officers your selection comes from our roledex of more than 300 full-time local police officers.

Our Administrative Services Include:

- Scheduling of Qualified Off Duty Police Officers
- Officers' Payroll
- Workman's Compensation
- Liability Insurance
Movie Sets & Celebrities
We offer building security and crowd control. Bodyguard services are available for events, parties, buildings and anything else you require. Our law enforcement specialists will cater to your every need.

Construction Sites
Directing construction equipment and traffic flow near road construction sites. Protecting structures, equipment, and materials at all phases of construction. Service to commercial and residential construction sites day or night.

Personal Protection
Our law enforcement specialists provide personal protection for high-profile personalities and VIPs, secure transportation of valuable (such as gems, bank deposits, documents), protection against death threats, or other threat exposures for any individual, including bodyguard services for events, parties, buildings and anything else you require.

Homeowner Associations
Having off duty police officers present as homeowners' association meetings and day of night security patrols for neighbor communities will aid in making your community a safer place.

Building Security
Hiring off duty police officers for your building is always a smart decision. We offer building security for property management companies, corporate offices, retail structures, and hospitals. Our law enforcement specialists will ensure your building is always kept safe.